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Identity concepts for non technical folks

Note / Disclaimer: This content is from The Open Group blogs titled Understanding the Importance of Identity


In May 2011, the Jericho Forum, a forum of The Open Group, published its Identity, Entitlement & Access (IdEA) commandments, which specified 14 design principles that are essential for identity management solutions to assure globally interoperable trusted identities in cyberspace.

These IdEA commandments are aimed at IT architects and designers of both Identity Management and Access Management systems, but the importance of “identity” extends to everyone – eBusiness managers, eCommerce operations, and individual eConsumers.

The Jericho Forum has created a series of five “Identity Key Concepts” videos to explain the key concepts that we should all understand on the topics of identity, entitlement, and access management in cartoon-style plain language.


Video 1: Identity First Principles
This video, entitled “Identity First Principles,” describes fundamental identity management concepts, including core identity, identity attributes, personas, root identity, trust, attribute aggregation and privacy. These can be complex concepts for non-identity experts. However, these videos were produced in an easy-to-understand manner, regardless of your expertise.


Video 2: Operating with Personas
In the second video explains how creating a digital core identifier from your (real-world) core identity must involve a trusted process that is immutable, enduring and unchangeable.


Video 3: Trust And Privacy
The third video explains how trust and persona interact to provide a trusted privacy-enhanced identity ecosystem.


Video 4: Entities and Entitlement
“Entities and Entitlement,” explores the bigger picture of identity management and how the concepts of a core identifier and an identity ecosystem can be expanded to include all entities that require identity in the digital world.


Video 5: Building a Global Identity Ecosystem
Using the concepts addressed in the previous four videos, this fifth and final video of the Identity Management series presented by the Jericho Forum, “Building a Global Identity Ecosystem,” highlights what needs to happen in order build a viable identity ecosystem.